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Not technically a sketch, but I still wanted to post it. Here is Saturn on the night of the 23rd, morning of the 24th. At only 12 hours past opposition, the rings looked incredibly bright and pure. 4 moons were visible, Tethys on the right and Dione above Saturn. Unfortunately, the photo itself isn't very good, but it loses very little detail.
The image itself is a painting, done on the afternoon of the 24th, working off the sketch done at the specified time down the bottom.
scope - 130mm F/5 Newtonian
eyepeices - 11mm TV plossl for the moons(59X), 6mm orion edge-on+celestron 2X barlow for planet(217X).
Seeing - excellent
transparency - good
time - 10:30 pm - 12:30 am(sketch), about 2 hours on 24th for painting
date - 23.5.15 - 24.5.15
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