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Well done and congratulations Allan on your first astro sketches in so long!

Both sketches are very nice renditions, and the red star in the first is a nice touch, Did you ever think sketching a GC would be as simple and effective as with the Mellish Technique! NGC 2808 really glows. And the nebulosity also in the first sketch is textured and subtle - nice effects, great composition with the cluster, and a great challenge to give yourself.

My take on sketching is, if you can see it, put it down. You can't have too much, after all, you otherwise dismiss the aperture grunt your scope is giving you. No need to lay down absolutely every single star you see accurately - you'll never finish. But once you are happy with what you've painstakingly laid down, some artistic license is merited to help give the sketch the punch of the softer details. For me this is what gives the sketch depth and richness, otherwise it can resemble a black page with some dots. And some more sparkle can be given to the brighter stars with a tiny set of diffraction spikes.

Now, give us more!

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