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Hi Ralph,

You have picked one big sucker! Jupiter is for me one of the most technically challenging objects to sketch. There are significant contrast variations, and a lot of faint whispyness pouring in and out of these. It also requires a lot of time and concentration to tease out those details.

I was just talking to a good mate about Jupiter today! A quick look WILL NOT show all that subtle swirling detail. It requires a lot of time and brain work/training. For being a giant, it is a master of disguise. Jupiter visually can reveal as much detail as can be seen in Voyager images! But it requires a combination of great seeing (thermally stable atmosphere), a good scope, and bucket loads of training your eyes/brain. Then you have to couple these to a challenging graphic!

Ralph, your rendition is a good one. BUT, BUT, I have a challenge for you! Look to revisit Jupiter. You are now armed with your best ally - experience. Give yourself time. If conditions are not great, don't bother. Jupiter is not the King of the Gods for nothing. It demands the best conditions to reveal the best it has.

This is the approach I take with the Moon. If conditions are not up to it, then I just pack up. But if I at least notice a good amount of clear moments, I have a crack. Makes for tough going though. But when conditions are great, I can push things to 400X, and go nuts with so much detail on offer. I missed out on Jupiter last season. The ducks just didn't line up. I will be paying a bit more attention to it from now with your inspiration, .

Good shot Ralph!

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