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Not Exactly an Observatory....Tripod Dolly

My temporary observatory in Rylstone is an aircraft hangar......

After being permanently setup for years the thought of breaking down/setting up isn't exactly appealing so I set out to build a tripod dolly for my Helium Tripod, MX+, and TEC140.

After a lot of searching I found castor wheels with inbuilt top adjustable levelers.

To mount the wheels I decided to use RHS steel 75 x 25 x1.6 in a "T" formation. I decided the dolly should be able to be taken apart so I had a shop weld a plate to the RHS along with two nuts.

I used the Helium inbuilt leveler bolts to bolt the tripod to the dolly with some easily purchased nuts and washers (see photo).

The levelers work a treat! They actually feel steady enough to possibly image straight away. However, they also lift just high enough to clear a standard size brick.

My one regret about the project is that I should have made the Top arm of the "T" a bit longer. I didn't count on the wheels hitting the nut holding the tripod to the dolly. I don't think this will be a serious concern. If it is I will lower the tripod and drill new mounting holes.

My next project is to work out a way to bring the gear back to as close to the same spot as possible.

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