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Thanks Gents

yes I am still...not 100% yet. How do I know....I looked at a half consumed cab sav bottle last night and felt sick to the stomach! Definitely not well indeed!

I'll be up an about soon. I know how you feel Gary!

Watching the Ukrainian site...they appear to have ironed out most issues and indeed most issues appear to be soldering! Also noted the issue with the differing ATMEGA328! As far as I'm concerned the PCB is pretty much done really the only change was increasing C45 to anything above 10uF ceramic. Thus this needs a 1206 package and PCB change. I'll do this now on our drawings.

I have one of the TECs...unfortunately I ordered one 40mm SQ and another 30mm SQ. The 40mm one arrived. II think its too big but will play with it soon. I really wanted to compared differing Power dissipation with the same size TECs.
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