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Thanks Gents all good info for me to look up.

Yes Rigol, Instek are well known good ones. I read many of the knock off designs copy from Instek. Emona here in Australia sell some nice units (Rigol, Instek)...decent pricing...errr not quite but still nice. My guess is 5A unit is plenty but if I buy cheap..maybe a 10A unit would better suit.

Those Korad look a damn nice and nice price. Also those smaller switchmode units, but I'd need a Transformer rectifier unit. I kinda like the idea of a Switchmode units as they are way more efficient which means less heat. They are cheap as well!

I'm kinda a cheap a** and like the idea of building my own as have always done, but this project has poked holes in my equipment availability.

Once again many thanks lots to look at...but I'll be getting something ASAP.


There is a nice BWD246A for sale on IIS and it has price dropped...but I feel even though they are very good, even if I offered $300, that's almost the price of new PSUs.

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