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Originally Posted by Tinderboxsky View Post
...I made the easy star hop to The Methuselah Star HD140283. It was too faint for me to see any colour. A star with an interesting story for sure.

Delta Librae showed white and appeared to be near it's brightest when trying to compare it's magnitude with nearby companions. I notice the full drop in brightness occurs over about six hours and then it takes about two days to get back to full brightness. I shall try to remember to revisit this star.

I "tripped over" Nu Librae which appeared very red - a red giant. Nu Librae and the nearby star HD133800 formed an almost mirror image to Alpha Librae and it's companion with Jupiter almost exactly in the middle. An interesting temporary asterism which will disappear as Jupiter moves on.

I noticed the area is rich in red giants showing their colours clearly:
Kappa - red
42 Librae - orange ...
Thanks for your remarks and observations Steve.

Now U have motivated me to revisit and view Nu Librae. Indeed, also to sweep the constellation further with binoculars.

That was useful information re Delta. I will keep checking.

I am glad that U also viewed the ancient Methuselah Star HD140283. I doubt that more than a handful of people have deliberately seen this.

I am planning to continue the 'Grand Tour'; I have just been a little sidetracked by Jupiter.
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