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[QUOTE=17particles;1492415]I've always been curious how the release works on these. Is it just a straight pin for the free end of the rope or do you need to bend it to an angle?

The angle of the release pin is one of the tuning aspects. The others are, counterweight mass and sling length. I had thought the release prong should be bent around 15 degrees up, but around 30- 40 degrees worked better. Such is the force that a stout 4.8mm nail well driven in was bent by the action of the machine. I was also using a single sling, ie, the rope was tied to the projectile (2litre or 4litre plastic container) and went with the projectile. On one firing the rope (rated 60-100kg) broke with a 3kg projectile, also showing how much force is imparted on the missile!
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