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Atik 320e or 420??

Hi all,

I've been tossing up between the Atik 320/420 and with Andrews 10% off sale now seems as good a time as any.
Both cameras have the same chip and same price with only minor differences...

320 advantages - lower read noise, 3e compared to 4e and an st4 port for autoguiding.

420 advantages - higher QE, 65% compared to 45% and 5C extra ∆T.

One discrepancy I found was read noise, Andrews and Atik site(internet archive wayback machine for 320) state 3e and 4e for the 320 and 420 respectively, while Atiks pdf manuals state 4e and 5e? Either way the 320 wins.

I'd be using the camera mostly for photometry and grating spectroscopy so the lower read noise/higher dynamic range of the 320 is a big plus, lower QE can be compensated by longer exposures and as I'm no longer in that sweatbox Darwin do I really need that extra 5C?
Still a little voice says newer tech is better tech...damn!

Anyone care to share their thoughts, which one would you get?

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