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Got tilt in your images?

Well how about this.
I sent my STL11K off to SBIG for a mid-life service, so it went back in its original state i.e I took off the 8 position filter wheel.
When it returned, SBIG had shimmed the nosepiece on one corner, with a shim that was 0.006" thick.
In the instructions to the CFW8-L it tells you to be sure to carry over any shims when you relocate the nosepiece to the front of the CFW.

So, I put that camera on my FSQ just last weekend, and the tilt was shocking. So obviously, my first port of call was to remove that shim and the tilt is gone.

Now I had a fairly good understanding of CFZ and how important it is to square things off, but the result here was just amazing. So watch out for it.

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