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When all else fails,RTFM!

Hi Eric
Am at home now and reading the 40d manual. Do you have one?
Time to rationalise now mate!
Either that or I will retract my statement about resolve and fortitude!!
1. The CWB really is only valid for the light in which you take the CWB shot.
2. The image that you use must be saved on the camera.
3. So, there are other ways to achieve the desired white balance.
4. White balance correction see page 80.
5. White balance auto bracketting see page 81.
6. Colour temperature setting. I think this one will be the best as it is a permanent setting. You just need to experiment to find which temp correction achieves the desired result and then you can always refer back to that setting whenever you need to without making sure a specific image is saved or taken for each situation. see page 69
Now, I do not understand why you say the live view focus doesnt cut it for you.
With my newt I always get diffraction spikes and when live view is zoomed to X10 then focus is easy.
If your scope is not producing diffraction spikes then just make a frame with a string or nylon cross mask and use that to produce diffraction spikes. Once focus is attained remove the mask and snap away. If you dont have a manual let me know and I will post a link so you can download one.
DONT give up and wish to revert to a another camera.
One should not burden ones self with regret about past decisions.
Just get on top of the situation.
Enough now of the sermonising!
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