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Originally Posted by geoffsims View Post
David - I haven't had your issue, but did have the issue of major lag when switching between cameras. So much so that I used to fire off a dummy exposure just to wake the camera up, then pause about 5s, then start the sequence! No idea why that is the case. Possibly the situation is worsened by having the low-end DSLRs like you do (and I did in the past).
I've seen that too but somehow (and I've forgotten exactly how) I seem to have overcome it. One thing I did was run a SETEXP about 30s before C2 so the camera is correctly set for it's first shot.

I had a 'lightbulb' moment last night and saw the bleedin' obvious . If I'm taking a backup 'puter I can just run one 'puter per camera. So now I will have one script for the 400D one for the 600D and one for both should I only have one 'puter. I also found an issue with the 400D I hadn't noticed. If the shots are a bit too close together they will still fire but the settings won't change. You get a series of eg 1 sec shots instead of stepping through the sequence. The necessary spacing also depends on the preceding shot's duration. So if I take say 0.1sec a 2 sec gap is OK but if I take 2 sec then 4 sec (ie 2 for the shot and 2 to prepare for the next) isn't enough, 4.5 is needed.

If we could just put the eclipse off for a week or two I reckon I can be ready in time.
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