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Just tried varying MLU delay in 3 shots and it worked fine. If I use 2 s delay, however, it doesn't work.

SETEXP,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:03.0,5D2-1,1/2,8.0,100,1.000,RAW,,Y,Prominences Q=10
SETEXP,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:06.0,5D2-1,1/2,8.0,100,1.000,RAW,,Y,Prominences Q=10

Originally Posted by philiphart View Post
David.. I don't have your issue but when i've been playing and editing scripts using just one camera i've had issues where EO and the camera seem to lose communication. I have to force EO to close and then start again.
It'll loose comms if you have auto power off turned ON and the camera powers off. Also, sometimes it can take up to a minute to initialize a camera on start up.

I've had issues with multi-cam reliability. Fred says it's more an issue with the Canon drivers rather than his software. He even contemplated taking the option out at one point. To be safe, either go with what you know works, or use 1 laptop/netbook per camera.
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