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Originally Posted by philiphart View Post
Thanks Colin. Yes.. at even moderate focal lengths mirror lockup makes a significant difference to the sharpness of my images.. even with only 0.3-0.5 second delay. So I definitely want to use that even if it slows down the frame rate because I can't use SETEXP/RELEASE etc.

In my scripts, a value in the MUL field of a RELEASE line gets overwritten as blank after saving it again from EO, and does not get used in the script.

I'm using an earlier beta version 3.3 Beta 4, and those fields are left blank on export as well. You can edit them in later (edit file), then reload the script and all appears to work.

I used the emergency mode for testing, and in my beta version the first script entry is ignored, so I duplicated it. Some quirks you have to workaround

SETEXP,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:03.0,5D2,1/2,8.0,100,1.000,RAW,,Y,Prominences Q=10
SETEXP,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:06.0,5D2,1/2,8.0,100,1.000,RAW,,Y,Prominences Q=10
RELEASE,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:09.0,5D2, 1/4,,,1.00,,,,
RELEASE,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:11.5,5D2, 1/4,,,1.00,,,,
RELEASE,EMERGENCY,+,00:00:14.0,5D2, 1/4,,,1.00,,,,

You say you only have 0.3 - 0.5 s MLU delay. Is that a settable option for 5D2?

Do you reckon MLU is needed for 100mm FL?
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