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Go to larger aprture, then go back to smaller aperture

If observing with a group and the object you are trying to locate is proving challenging,
if a friend in the group has a larger aperture scope, offer them a Tim Tam and
ask them when they have a moment if they could please dial up the object and point their scope to it.

Once you see it in a larger aperture, sometimes when you go back to a more
modest aperture, it suddenly "pops out" and becomes self evident.

I have sometimes been flabbergasted that an object that requires a reasonably
experienced eye in say a 20" may suddenly also become observable in an 8"
simply because you now know what to look for.

We have all done this from time to time. It is such an obvious tip and for that
reason was probably overlooked on this thread.

If you are observing alone or if you have the biggest scope on the field, then Plan B
is to use the other valuable tips that appear on this thread.
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