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Hey Andrew,

Great to hear, too.

This camera is a complete step up from the 5D Mark II. World's apart, in fact. From the ergonomics and feel of materials on the body (not to mention the sexy curvy body; it is actually a beautiful looking camera, as opposed to the competition's brick... not that it counts for anything, really... I mean, I shoot an RZ67 Pro II... but, then, I think it's beautiful), the weather sealing, to the viewfinder and that incredible focus system. I might just have to buy some f/1.2L lenses again. Focusing them will be a doddle with the new system.

I've learnt the focus modes and have settled on the 9 point floating system (centre, top, bottom, left, right and diagonals), have enabled the 3x3 grid in the viewfinder, and have set AF-On as my focusing button (just like on the Mark II; I miss this feature not being on the original). I'm also finally confident in leaving the camera in AI Focus AF mode.

The other great thing is that because it takes the same battery as the Mark II, I now have two chargers which means I can charge both batteries at once.

I don't mind the in-camera HDR, but, you're right, the feature is lost on me. I much prefer using graduated neutral density filters, or, failing that, gentle exposure blending.

Yep, I'm aware the latest DPP is up. Got it earlier today.

All in all, it is invigorating, and, I now feel that this camera /will/ actually let me make better photographs (a statement I made in one of my original posts in this thread). I'll shoot my next wedding gig (and, pre-wedding shoot) in a couple of week's time down on the south coast and I'm really looking forward to firing on all cylinders!

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