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Good to hear H.

Got mine today as well ... loving the high ISO performance, the autofocus is a slight learning curve, but boy does it work well. I have set the DOF preview button to toggle between single shot and AI-servo autofocus modes. Slowly getting used to the zooming into shots on the LCD to check detail. I have set the magnify button to go to actual size (and I think it jumps straight to one of the focused part of the image).

This is a marked step up from the 50D. Love the full frame viewfinder as well - very clear and usable.

I haven't tried the in camera HDR function out, but will find some time over the coming weekend to give it a whirl. Looking at your sig, that feature will be wasted on you

H - there is a new DPP out today. Downloaded it from Canon Asia. There are some nice improvements here including handling HDR work. This corrects issues with the original software and the 5D3 raw files looking soft.
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