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Just got the release about this too.

Boasting optical characteristics designed specifically for astrophotography, the EOS 60Da allows the capture of night-sky images with exceptional high quality and lower noise.

Sydney, 3 April, 2012: Canon Australia today unveiled a new EOS digital SLR camera tailored specifically for astro-photography enthusiasts: the Canon EOS 60Da. Building on and significantly advancing the pedigree of the respected EOS 20Da with the high-quality, high-performance characteristics of the EOS 60D, the new body offers the combination of high sensitivity and low noise which is critical to the creation of top-quality, detailed astronomical images.

Built around an 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and a DiG!C 4 image processor, the camera boasts a low-light, long-exposure shooting performance that will make it a must-have tool for anyone keen to capture the wonders of the night sky.

"The EOS 60Da takes Canon's industry-leading sensor technology and pushes it even further to allow the accurate capture of red nebulae and other astronomical sights," said Rebecca Pearson, Assistant Brand Manager – EOS, Canon Australia. “By combining superior sensitivity with very low noise, enthusiasts will be able to produce astrophotography images with more detail and colour accuracy than has previously been possible, allowing them to become even more deeply immersed in their hobby and satisfied with their end results."

Superior optical characteristics for high image quality with low noise
The EOS 60Da builds on the excellent performance characteristics of the popular EOS 60D and adds features designed to meet the unique needs of astronomy enthusiasts.

Designed specifically for astrophotography, the EOS 60Da features a Low Pass infrared cut filter that allows the greater capture of hydrogen-alpha (H-α) light of 656mn length. The filter delivers approximately three times the transmission factor of the Canon EOS 60D and is designed to allow the capture of much clearer images of reddish, diffuse nebulae.

The EOS 60Da will be available through Canon dealers from April 19th, 2012** as a Body kit only.
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