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Argonavis Bug Encountered

My bad, been a long time since I've done a firmware update on the argo, currently loading 3.0.4, see if that fixes the issue.

Can a bad comet tle cause the Bug Encountered message ?


Help! I'm heading out to a dark site on Thursday and did a dry run to to make sure everything is ok and load some comet tle's into the Argo.
I ran up the argo, saved did a save setup and transferred the comet tle, which all seemed ok.
Then powered down the argo and disconnectedd and went to check the comets and about 2 secs later a "bug encountered' message comes up and then I can do nothing.
I believe the firmware is V3.0.0

I have replaced the coin battery but still have the same issue.

Can load firmware with being in load cat ? and the error still up ?

How can I fix this before Thursday

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