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Originally Posted by GrahamL View Post
Hi Gary thanx

I messed a little more with the cabling yesterday and eventually got both encoders to work ,, mostly .

I know the argo unit works fine as it runs the encoders through my DM4 without issue .

So Im back to the cabling 4 rj45 plugs and the two couplers im guessing dust and not being used for quite a while hasnt done them any favours what can i clean them with ?

I have some air flow sensor cleaner i could get a little on a cotton bud its just a non residue solvent ?
Hi Graham,

I would certainly give them a good clean. We would normally use a good
electrical solvent like CRC-226 and a cotton bud but if you have the air
flow sensor cleaner at hand, it is worth a shot.

Have a look at the contacts under some good light and some magnification.
If there is any sign of debris on them, you might try gently prying it off
using a fine sewing needle then touch up with the solvent to clean the

The flat plugs that mate with the gold pins on the encoders are often
of the insulation displacement type. The insulated wires are pushed down
onto crimps which break the insulation. There is a specific tool for this
but something as simple as a small flat bladed jewellers screwdriver and
a careful hand could be employed to push down any that have lost reliable
contact. Sometimes the wires are best cut and re-crimped.

If you happen to have a multimeter you can also check the end-to-end
integrity of each of the cable contacts. Fine sewing needles allow you
to probe the gold contacts on the RJ plugs.

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