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Originally Posted by AstralTraveller View Post
Preparations proceed.
Last night I tested my video recording gear and IOTA time inserter and all went well. We also tested Occult Flash Tag that my mate will use and found how to get a flash without saturating the detector.
Do share? Astro Flash Tag (iOS equivalent) has a brightness control. I also plan to have a small piece of dark grey or black card in a lower corner of the field. The flash will illuminate the low reflectance card.

My mate also got up at 3.30 to practice finding the star. However, from his place in Pt Kembla he couldn't even see the Pleiades! Luckily on Saturday he will be at his hobby farm in Bungonia (about 0.4 std dev south of the track) where light pollution and neighbour's trees are not an issue. There is also another observer in Keiraville ready to go too.
He won't need the Pleides. The last 1/4 Moon is really close as is Alpha Cetus. easy star hop from the moon to HIP12387. He might need a decent lens hood.


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