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2672 Pisek to occult mag. 4.1 star

On Saturday 4th August 17:32 to 17:43 UT (= Sunday morning 5th August) 2676 Pisek will occult th mag. 4.1 star.

Naked eye events like these seldom occur and observers along the shadow path between Cervantes, Port Augusta, Wollongong, New Plymouth and Napier may witness this special event.

The Occult prediction map can be seen here...

We are after accurate disappearance and reappearance timings. There are a number of observation methods to choose.
- GPS+1pps time-stamped video.
- video "flashed" with Occult Flash Tag before and after the event
- visual with timestamps using an NTP phone app called TimetheSat
are a few options.

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