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Not to put a dampener on it but are you sure a Sony A7S is ideal for DSO work in the first place before you invest extra $s?

Sony has a poorly implemented hot pixel suppression algorithim much like Nikon had for years that damages long exposures. Also the noise suppression algorithim leaves wormy looking grain.

Sony has class leading sensors but its the little things like that they lag in.

If I were getting a camera for DSO imaging I am not sure an A7S is it despite its high ISO performance (lots of cameras do ISO6400 these days anyway).

I have seen some bad examples of the star eating algorithim that kicks in when you use Bulb. Up to 30 seconds it doesn't.

If you have seen excellent A7s images please link me in case this data is not correct. I have read several threads about this issue.

Also with these ASI1600's being so cheap and working so well it does not seem bang for buck and probably no filter will give you good daylight performance. I had a clear glass modded 20D and XNite CC1 filter and the filter partially corrected but not really. So it still was only useful for DSO work.

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