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Yes I think the difference between OSC and DSLR cameras is pretty small with the exception of ease of processing. A cooled CCD will give you a cleaner starting point and generally a little more detail (16 bit). How will you deal with dewing @ -14 degrees, the sensor is not in a argon purged sealed chamber. I had the same problem when I put an outback cooler on a DSI, the dew point set the limit of cooling I was able to achieve and this was at best 5 degrees absolute. My QHY9 mono will easily maintain -25 degrees C absolute during hot summer nights (65 -70% cooling) and this allows the use of a permenent darks library which is more than just a little convenient when it comes to calibration. Having a motorised filterwheel is also good value as I can set maxim to do all the filter changing for me using auto capture routines. The filters don't get damaged or dirty as they stay in the FW. Guitar hey...was jamming with my nephew today .... wonderwall of all things .


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I've been looking through as many QHY8/9 OSC galleries as I can and I cant see too much difference between those images and the ones I can produce with a modded 40D minus cooling at present!

Anyhoo...I've decided not to stress about the whole thing and buy a nice acoustic guitar instead! Perhaps it'll allow me to pass the time between those ICNR periods!!
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