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14" dob binocular scope...

Hi all,

I just took delivery of most of the materials needed to construct a 14" dob binocular telescope, including all the glass, the go-to drives, etc. A friend bought it all, but unfortunately was unable to finish it, and asked me to take over.

I have found a number of on-line articles, notably these: (this is the one my friend seems to have referenced most with the work he has done already)

These are basically variations of a theme, and probably give me enough ideas; but I thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone else had any brilliant ideas: especially for an easy way to change the inter-ocular distance, collimate and break-down/reassemble for transporting... (at this stage I am intending to construct it as a rigid system, with the secondary cages turnable for changing the IOD)

As a bonus, you can get to play with the scope next time you visit South Australia!

This will be a long term project, but I am hoping to have it finished by next May for the next ASSA astro-camp in the Flinders Ranges in SA.

All thoughts gratefully accepted!

All the best,

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