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Originally Posted by Omaroo View Post
Wow! Congratulations Deeno You're not alone, and are now the fifth friend to buy an OM-D in the last week. Have you picked it up already? I'm screaming for a free weekend to get out and give mine a real go. Have you ordered the Nikkor-MFT adaptor?
Picked it up yesterday afternoon.
Feels good in the hand even though some of the buttons are a bit small for my larger than average digits.

First impressions is that the auto focus is super quick and quiet, looking forward to learning how to use it. Its going to take a while to be adept enough to take advantage of some of its features. Its like learning a new language, after speaking Nikon for so long....

Anyway, its early days yet and the instruction booklet (why can't they print one) is vague at best. And I think its a bit tight that Olympus don't include hoods with the lenses.

I love the retro look and its small, I mean tiny! If it performs as well as the reviews I've read on it claim, it will be quite a jump in performance over the old D200....

Haven't worried about the Nikon adaptor yet (did order the T-adaptor though)

Yes I'm excited!!!
Thanks Chris
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