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Obs Report 7/3/11 + double star sketch

Hi Everyone,

It was a partially cloudy day and as I arrived home I saw the skies beggining to clear,I was hoping for it to stay clear for the evening and it did which was great.

I took the scope out as soon as the sun went down to get it to ambient temperature.I then did a star test and noticed my collimation was off and realigned it.Checked the collimation and it looked great so I can gladly say I am getting the hang of this.

The first object I started viewing was 145 CMA and I enjoyed the view so much I decided to make a sketch (attached) at 300x mag.Which is the 10mm ep and 2x barlow not noted on the sketch,sorry I forgot.

As it gradually got darker I scanned the eta carinae nebula which never fails to amaze me.It was quite dark now and I decided to do some serious observing now.I decided to find NGC 3132(eight burst) once and for all and after carefull scanning of the area with a 26mm super plosoll I saw a star which had a small amount of haze surrounding it when using averted vision and I saw the blinking effect confirming it was the eight burst,I was so excited to finally find it I decided to pump up the mag straight away, I put in the 6 mm TMB and 2x barlow to make a total magnification of 500x which framed the nebula very well.

The Eight burst Is slightly elongated north-south.The ring which surrounds the central star was brighter towards the west with a faint star situated on its side.The edges of the ring were not well defined and were blurred.It was darker near the central star.Concerning colour that both Astroron and Suzy mentioned was not really there I think I may have seen as a very faint red hue.Difficult to tell.It is an outstanding nebula and very enjoyable to finally find it.

After observing the eight burst I decided to find the ghost of jupiter(NGC 3242) which I have read is a fantastic planetary.With the aid of a star chart it was relatively easy to find showing up as a bright cyan coloured ball at low powers.Upping the magnification to 500x again was an outstanding view.The details observed are as follows,it is annular with the inner ring a lot brighter than the outer circle of haze.The ring in the middle looked pinched like a cats eye and was brighter were it was pinched.I glimped the central star in averted vision and sometimes if the seeing was good in direct vision.This has had to be one of the most stunning planetary nebulas I have observed to date.Absolutely phenomenal.Highly recomended.

A very enjoyable night after a day at school.And a beautifull night to gaze at the night sky even with the naked eye.Seeing was 3/5 as it was windy and transperency was 5/5, clear as.

Thanks for reading
Cheers Orestis
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