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Originally Posted by gbeal View Post
Hi Marc,
NZ is cool, in more ways than one, LOL.
OK, the M42 threw me, and as Robin has eluded, there is a difference to M42 Pentax as opposed T thread.
You are wanting this to supersede the Peter Tan MPCC to QHY8 adaptor then?
If so, then stick with the common thread, T thread, which as Robin says is Metric 42mmx.75 pitch.
To adjust, slightly, the length first try various T extensions, but if all else fails try Bob Luffel at Alpine Astro and there will be something in the Baader line that allows adjustment, the T2 Locking Ring for example. Maybe there is an Oz based equivalent of Bob, but I have always dealt with him.
Thanks for the link Gary - I'll check it out
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