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Dragging out the old friend.

The yard imaging cannon is nearing readiness...

After a six-month hiatus, I;ve dragged out the 12" LX and have now fitted one of the William Optics 66mm Petzvals as guide scope. The new larger dew shield I made is felt-lined and seals around the OTA beautifully. The slight extra weight of the shield is good as it offsets the weight of the cameras and G/S. I'm still to fit the lower 2-D counterweight and also need to rotationally balance it around RA. The Dec motor on one fork, along with the GPS affect the balance so I need to occupy the battery recess on the other fork with around 1.25kg.

Should be out and about as soon as I can get GuideDog to run properly on the older (read: semi dew-dispensible) lappy.

There goes the back again........

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