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Originally Posted by SteveInNZ View Post
What's the reasonable price for the 18" ?
Have you tried the Angel anti-tarnish stuff? I see that the bulk supplier doesn't ship overseas. How did you go with your own anti-tarnish experiments ?

Hi Steve, what size mirror(s) are you wanting coated? I have had a few smaller mirrors (6" to 12 1/2") aluminized. Cost to me was NZ$75 plus GST for the 12 1/2". To find out more contact Andrew at ""

Might add, that Andrew did a fine job on all the mirrors I sent.I did try Ceraclen "silver dip" when the silver started to "turn" (like zombie). It did remove the tarnish, but had to be careful not to not overdo otherwise coating can be "cut through". I do think it increased the life of the coating somewhat. Main problem seems, for me anyway, keeping the mirrors from repeat water condensation (the "killer"). Hard to do with "big glass".

No, haven't used the Angel anti-tarnish product.

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