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Hi Again
I wasn't being a critic, I've met Alex a few times and know he is a thorough gentleman and very knowledgeable. The way the weather was yesterday afternoon down here made the call to go observing a bit risky and I was doubting my judgement for a while but it turned out well in the end.
I also understand that conditions at Katoomba will be different than elsewhere even if, as the crow flies, they are only 50 to 100 kms apart and making the call from a clouded coastal area as to what is going to develop several hours later up in the mountains can leave you red faced. Happens to me many times during a year, I am the Observing Officer for our local club and I'm the one who has to make the call to go or not to go, in consultation with others as well and have had to apologies to the members the next day when a few hours after calling of the session in the late afternoon, the skies have miraculously cleared. Oh the shame endured.
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