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I'm sure you already know that ZWO make a Nikon lens adapter for their ASI cameras but of course it has no aperture control.

I have seen adapters for other lenses to other mounts which incorporate a mechanical iris allowing you to stop down an auto lens but nothing that would allow you to use Nikon lenses on an ASI camera.

There used to be a trick on Canon lenses where you could stop down the lens on a Canon body and then remove it from the body while holding the dof preview button and it would keep the lens at the aperture where you set it. Not sure if that works with Nikon lenses though.

However, if the Nikon kit lenses are much like the Canon kit lenses I probably wouldn't bother for astro stuff.
If it were my money I'd look for some nice older manual Nikon lenses rather than spend lots on adapters to use a kit lens.

My $0.02, hope it helps

EDIT Ah Colin got in before me!
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