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Originally Posted by Camelopardalis View Post
What may come from the CMOS world in the next few years is mind boggling. Whether Sony ever releases their large CMOS chips in mono versions to offset the death of their CCD business remains to be seen...they've so far not bothered beyond the 694-sized chips.

The ASI1600 is here and now. And bigger. With correct calibration, almost anyone who buys a 8300 over one of these is mad
It certainly has potential. I look forward to seeing some regular images taken with one. 1 second exposures and 40gigabytes of data to process sounds pretty arduous so 6 hours of 10minute subexposures or similar would be of more interest to me.

The QHY42 if its not just vapourware (their 16200 camera seems to be awfully slow being released) and if the price was lowish could be a hot item.

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