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Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
Excellent work, with oodles of separation between Miranda and Uranus.


Thanks Dennis! The overexposed Uranus from the stack with the moons isn't nearly tight enough to compare to the guys who go after the rings, but surprisingly no problem picking up Miranda well away from the planet with 300ms exposures.

Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
Wonderful first light with the new beast!
Having never done planetary imaging (hoping to with a Mewlon 250 next year), is there is a reason for the “ghosting” look at 2 o’clock on Uranus?
It's a really good question, answers on a postcard . This is my first go imaging with an SCT, and so I suspect I have a bit to learn about getting the collimation just right, it may well have been a touch off. But more likely - there was some dew on the corrector at one stage (had to get the hairdryer out), and maybe that was the cause, though I'm not sure why it was off-centre. It's something I'll be looking out for in subsequent images.

Originally Posted by Camelopardalis View Post
Well done Andy, what a cracking first light
Thanks Dunk, am looking forward to the big planets!
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