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Uranus and Neptune, C14 first light

I've joined the C14 club in an attempt to up my game for next year's planet parade - first light was on the ice giants!

These are with the new C14 XLT, a new ASI290MM camera and IR642nm filter. I'm pretty happy about the bright spot that shows up on Neptune - one of the bright high clouds that's showing up on Neptune these days, possibly it's the big equatorial storm seen by Keck earlier this year - right latitude, but I've not been able to find much about it's longitude or variation over the months. Maybe it's something else, though it's near the equator.

All 5 of the brighter chunks of ice orbiting Uranus, including little Miranda, were visible in an f/11 stack. Uranus' polar region (lower right) is bright as expected, but I'm fairly sure the patchiness in the bright part is down to seeing/processing and not storm activity. I just need more clear skies so I can do more shots with time gaps/rotation to make them more convincing!

Both images are on PVOL as well.
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