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Originally Posted by The Mekon View Post
A half decent night yesterday prompted me to set up my 132CFF. I do not use this scope much as it is easier to bring out the 106AT and the views are 90% as good. But observing earlier in the week had drawn my attention to a couple of stars in Sagittarius and Scorpio. In the 106 I suspected both of these stars to be resolvable, but the smaller scope was just not getting there.

HWE 48 is less than a degree south of M69. I found I could detect the faint companion in the CFF at 225x (4mm Delite)and noted it to be to the south.
Checking Stelle Doppie this morning showed Mag 5.4, 9.8 @3.4" PA 185.

HWE 86 is a just over a degree south of the Bug Nebula NGC 6302.
I thought this was more difficult but still managed to resolve the fainter companion close by at 225x. SD has 6.9, 9.0 @ 2.6" for HWE 86.

These doubles are tough as both magnitude differences (delta M) are greater than the separation in seconds.
Perhaps some of our other keen observers Steve (Tinderbox) or TropoBob might like to try?
Or am I the only one doing nutty stuff like chasing obscure double stars?

Thanks for those John. I tried both last night with my 8" dob under Bortle 5 skies. With a Baader zoom at 150x, there was no chance. At 255x with an ES 4.7mm, they were definitely split, but still quite challenging. I actually found HWE 86 the easier of the pair to split.
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