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Originally Posted by Camelopardalis View Post
I've found the following, and wonder if it's sold enough not to exhibit any flexure:

Anyone got one?
Yep, that is the guidescope mount i use on my 10" Inaging Newt. It is very good at X and Y axis adjustment with my 60mm guidescope but i don't know how it would go with a heavier scope and camera. It has gotten abit sloppy in the two years i have been using it. It uses a nylon bushing and springs on each axis.

If i was piggy back mounting my TS80 and my TS115, i would be tempted to get one of these, in the appropriate size:

Teleskop -Express has some solutions, like rings that can mount to the top of you larger scope rings, like this:

For elimination of flex i would attach a Vixen or Losmandy top rail and mount the rings on that.
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