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Newtonian is great bang for the buck but you need to get used to collimating it. I went down that route for a while and did enjoy it but got over it quickly.

I would stick to a nice refractor but if you want to stick to the planets an SCT will do the trick. I owned the Celestron C8 for a few years and was fantastic for planets and I even got a nice shot of M42 using a focal reducer.

I have also had an Astrograph which was great as well but didn't really use it at all as at the time I didn't know it couldn't be used for visual as well. I am purely an imager now so owning that RC would be great now.

You can get a Celestron C6 for around $1250.

You will need to make a decision based on if you want to mainly image planets or DSO? DSO much more choice, planets you may get over quickly. I used to be planets then went to DSO now heading back to do a bit of the planets as well as still doing DSO.

You can get various focal reducers and barlows but you should purchase the scope based on what you will be imaging mainly with it.
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