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Dear all,

Here are some notes from last night. Whilst waiting for the glow of the recently set moon to fade, I visited some galaxies near Eta Arae (as recommended by Sab) and then some DSOs around Theta Ohiuchi. There is so much to see here that I never made it to the northern galaxies I'd planned to observe. But it was very good fun. Thanks for reading.

Seeing 5/5
Transparency 7/7

NGC 6221 GX in Ara
Mag 9.9v

250X Face on spiral with distinct nucleus and NW-SE bar. 2 spiral arms, - one to NE and one to SW. The contrast is diminished due to observing though Milky Way stars. With averted vision, the dark space between the northern arm and the bar is clear. The southern arm is less distinct.

NGC 6215 GX in Ara
Mag 11.5v

250 X About 20’ away from NGC 6221, this one is both smaller and fainter with foreground star superimposed. Slightly irregular circle of haze. I have the impression of 2 spiral arms.

ESO 138-1 is also very close to 6221, but is hard to pick out from the little knots of Milky Way stars that abound here.

Messier 9/NGC 6333 GC in Ophiuchus
Mag 7.6v

250X GC with no central core, but a N-S spattering of stars across the centre and a few resolvable stars in small clumps that seem to float in front of the haze. These seem oriented N-S one to the east and one to the west of the centre of the GC. I have the impression that the cluster is somewhat triangular with its apex pointing north.

Messier 19/NGC6273 GC in Ophiuchus
Mag 6.7v

175X A distinctly oval shaped cluster, the long axis roughly N-S with a small central core. I note a dark band across the southern end of the cluster, single at the eastern end and splitting into 2 bands as it crossed to the west. Strands of haze and stars emerge from the main body of the cluster to the west and east, both curving to the north and looking a bit like the horns of Thor’s Helmet. Quite a number of resolvable stars across the oval haze of the GC. 250X shows the dark patches to be much more complex in shape. A very interesting GC. The central concentration seems more obvious at lower power.

NGC 6284 GC in Ophiuchus
Mag 8.9v

250X A short hop from Messier 19, this is much smaller, about 5’ some central concentration. No resolvable stars, but I have the impression of some darker patches in the cluster. Quite compact, but with some strands of haze emerging from the main body of the cluster.

NGC 6293 GC in Ophiuchus
Mag 8.2v

175X About the same size as 6284, with a more distinct core, but the core is somewhat triangular with its apex pointing south. A fainter haze surrounds this. I estimate 7’ dia. With averted vision, the outer parts of the GC seem a little square. It looks a little like looking down at a square pyramid.

NGC 6355 GC in Ophiuchus
Mag 9.7v

175X A fainter GC, looks more distant, few resolvable stars, which may well be foreground stars. Looks little more concentrated towards the southern end. I have the impression that it is slightly elongated NW-SE. Looks about 3’ across.

NGC 6369 PN in Ophiuchus “the Little Ghost”
Mag 11.4v

175X Beautiful round PN with distinct outer ring and dark centre, slightly reminiscent of a red blood cell. Slight bluish tinge. No central star. The rim seems to be slightly iridescent. 250X with UHC filter enhances the appearance of the rim and the bright grains that give it the iridescent appearance are also brighter. Seems to respond better to UHC than OIII.
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