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Helo Dennis!

The shakeing the camera is really a problem. As enthusiastic photographer I know that problem from using telelens on some older digital kameras on which this problem is much more noticable. That is also why I try with ordinary photocameras. What do you think, if I use more sensitive film (400, 800 ASA), the time would be shorter but probably the picture will be very grany or blure?

The procedure you describe (prime focus) I already try but I do not have fix tripod (not a quality one) and my pictures are nit sharp. So I wonder what would happen if I would like to have larger magnification (look my second picture)? Would it be projection picture on the film smaller or darker (or probably both). Since the bigger magnifications should have "smaller time" of expositure what is the cure for makeing nice pictures?

And one stupid question: I have motor driven mount which works fine for the stars obeservation (as in infinity distance objects). How does reflect the Earth rotation on moon or mars photo observation?
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