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Hi Boastjan

To take a photo on a telescope, I always use a shutter release cable which screws into the shutter release knob. If you press the shutter release knob on the camera directly, you risk shaking the camera which will give you blurred photos. The shutter release cable is a flexible cable that allows you to release the shutter without physically touching the camera.

One other problem with an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera like your VX-1 or my Pentax KM, is that when you press the shutter release, either directly or using the cable, the first action is that the mirror flips up and then the shutter exposes the film. When the mirror flips up, the force of this can cause the camera to shake at exposures of less that say, 1/125 sec. Some cameras have a “Mirror Lock Up” function so that you can manually flip up the mirror, wait say 10 secs for the vibrations to die down, then release the shutter to make the exposure.


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