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Sbig Self Guiding Issue..

I'm looking for thoughts from fellow SBIG self guiding users...

Recently I've had an odd issue.. The drives calibrate, however the vectors are off by 90 degrees (as seen in the attached image) However, despite successfully completing calibration, it will make corrections in the wrong direction..

In the guider subframe, it will hold the star perfectly until it starts drifting up in the field of view (which is RA).. when it moves up in the field of view, it makes a correction, moving the star further up in the FOV, it continues this until the star is gone from the field of view.

Polar alignment is accurate enough that 2 minute unguided exposures are possible at 1600mm focal length.. so I dont think that is the issue..

I notice in CCDSofts guiding settings tab, there is an input field labeled "Declination" Am I supposed to put the current declination of the telescope into this field to give the guider some idea of what corrections to make? or is something else at play here?

Any info is greatly appreciated..


Attached image of callibration results tab of CCDSoft.
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