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Barlow for Coronado 'full disk' with 174MM?

I have recently acquired a Coronado PST and after a bit of fiddling got my ZWO 174MM Mono camera (non-mini) working by using the lense section of a old Meade 2X 4000 Barlow just slipped in the eyepiece holder and the camera after it on its 1.25" nosepiece. Now I have plenty of focus control.

Doesn't screw on to the adapter unfortunately.
I do get a bit of a 'hot spot' in the images I am guessing from the small 5mm filter in the PST.

I get almost a full disk (70-80%) but not quite. I see mentioned around a 1.5X barlow that screws straight onto a 1.25" eyepiece but yet to see one ?

Tried my Televue 2X the same way but couldn't reach focus.

Appreciate any ideas , I could buy a 174MM Mini but I like the speed of USB3.

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