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I use 2 different programmes for plate solving.
If your aim is just "telescope pointing" then elbrus works well
When I was using an EQ6 with EQDIR this was all I used.
I would slew to a known star and take a 5 sec image with autodark. I then save the image and elbrus will plate solve it within seconds. You then press the "sync" button and this tells the mount exactly where the scope ia aiming.
You need to have worked out the image scale first but once you have done this then it doesn't change.
If you don't move the camera orientation then you only need to be within 5 deg of correct pointing for it to plate solve. If you change the orientation then you need to be within 2 deg. Still this isn't terribly difficult.
sometime sit will fail to plate solve if there is a very bright star in the image with diffraction spikes. You get around this by selecting a box around the star and telling it to solve outside the box. This usually works.
I use TSXP for platesolving now as I have a differnet mount and a permanent setup but still use elbrus to check the accuracy if TSXP fails.
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