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I use Maxim/Pinpoint (Pinpoint LE is the plate solver that ships with Maxim) and it works fine for me.

Check that the Pixel Scale parameters on the plate solve dialog are correct and also that the RA and Dec are approximately right.

You don't mention your focal length but assuming it's not huge you should be able to get away with using the GSC 1.1 (corrected) catalog.

I don't think I've changed the parameters from the default. I use stars from mag -2 to mag 20, search area is 256% of image and I set "Search outward spiral." Detection parameters are Brightness 0, Std Dev 3 and Number of stars used to solve is 500.

One second is maybe a bit short for the image capture. Have you tried longer? I use 18 seconds on my FSQ setup which is good enough to get stars down to mag 18 from the city.

Poor focus sometimes confuses plate solving too. Make sure your focus is reasonably good.

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