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Help with Auto Centering and Plate Solving

I've been evaluating various software that can slew to targets, plate solve,
sync and auto centre.
So far i've tried Maxim, Sequence Gen Pro but have not had much luck. Plate
solve in Maxim just keeps trying and then fails. SGP gives me various Windows errors.
The exposure is set to 1sec and the stars are clear in the 1 sec image.

Have any of you'll been doing this successfully and if so what's your normal
workflow and what software do you use?
I just have an HEQ5Pro with a GPUSB cable.
I use stellarium for scope control using EQASCOM and a QHY8.

This is not for an observatory, but for the field, just thought that this would
make the whole sync and pointing model a lot easier if the sync is based on a plate solve. That'll give me more time to image rather than trying to centre and correct pointing errors.
I polar align by drift aligning in PHd before all this.
I've been wanting to try PolarAlign max as that uses plate solving for PA, but
haven't had a clear night in a while.
I noticed that GRAS uses Maxim for the same sequence.

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