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The Apogee will do !! and Richard Crisp is one of the US semipros I was referring to !
If he says its good then I'd go with that ! He does that sort of stuff for a living.

I still think that a PTC is just one of the characterisations and just one of the noise reduction activities you could do and that even if you do this, you still need to rigourously do all the other things that are best practice.
No point identifying something that might produce a 1% improvement in FWHM or a S/N ratio and then ignore all the other many 'something elses' that each contribute 5% each (summed quadratically) to the noise in your system !
The question also becomes how much time have you got to attend to all of these and which ones are going to give you best bang for buck.

Look forward to the results and improvements.

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