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What camera are you talking about ?
Just wondering, if its not a cooled camera how you would control the CCD temperature ?
If it is an uncooled camera, how could it be relevant

As a method to compare CCDs for performance and quality its possibly very useful, as an exercise for your CCD experience in general maybe useful, as a method to characterise your system for some more specific purpose ?, I am not so sure.
What exactly are you hoping to get from the exercise that can be applied to your imaging ? - and improve it.
Especially if done in isolation

You have a calibrated integrating sphere to do this ?

I cant help but think that doing all the normal things and examining the S/N, image scale, well depth, spectral response, pixel and column defects etc etc and how that affects your images.
A couple of the semipros in the US have some good info and tests on their websites for doing that sort of characterisation. I would think that is more useful than a PTC.
I recall a piece of software written by some Europeans was available too

But then is this going to help you take better images ?
Understanding the maths and principles behind imaging noise, stacking, shot noise, darknoise, read noise, flats, bias etc etc and implementing best practice for each and every one of these problems, and all the others) is likely going to result in a greater benefit.
Not to mention eliminating all the other 'noise' in the rest of your systems

But without knowing what you are hoping for its probably a bit hard to comment really.

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