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Great report as usual Shell!

I forgot about the Wild Duck Cluster- I haven't seen it before and after your enthusiasm I can't wait to see it, it sounds fabulous. Must add the Eagle Nebula to my list too- I saw it at Ron's last month through his scope but I haven't tackled it myself. I thought it would be dim object from suburbia so you've excited me on seeing this one too!

I think you're a legend for finding M83 as quickly as you did- aye, I had sooo much trouble finding it. It wasn't until I came across the star hop from Centaurus (the one you used), that I was able to find it. Also, I was expecting something magnificent as said in all my books. Alas, all I got was a bright stellar core and that was it. I've gone back to it several times and still nothing. Others have noted too that from light pollution, it's a poor display. When I looked thru Ron's 16" scope last month, I had a look at it and it became quite obvious why I couldn't see anything. I did see the full disc, but to me it looked fairly faint- well faint enough to understand why it didn't show up from my house. So since then, I've looked and studied hard again from my place and I did see an extremely faint area (not a defined disc) surrounding the core. But in all honesty it would not have been apparent had I not known what to expect. I had to look really hard!

Here's a star hop for The Blue Planetary (NGC 3918). It's a popular star hop that I've used as well.

Sorry to hear that you weren't well afterwards. I wonder if it was hayfever? I often seem to suffer (spring & autumn) the next morning after observing. And the strange this is that this week (and it's winter so I don't get it!) I've had a touch of hayfever. Must be all that wind.

Keep the reports coming Shell, you and Berenice are sure having a blast together.

What eyepieces did you use on those objects? Would you mind specifying them next time please. Just so we can reflect the report on your magnification.
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