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Originally Posted by Suzy View Post
You are having loads of fun with sketching I see Chucky. I looked through every single one of them.
By the way, what magnification did you use for those sketches? I'm perplexed you could see that much detail at a planet only 25 arc seconds in the time in 2003 (not much bigger than Saturn at the moment at 19").
You must have great eyes. Tho, alas I had no scope at that time to view those wonderful canals you sketched so beautifully.
Thanks for sharing.
awwwwwwwwwwwwww, thanks! that means a lot to me! U are so nice!

Yeah I had always wanted a scope. I walked into York Optical in about 1992 I think, and we was like so It wasn't till about 2003 I heard about the Mars thing and I started researching and discovered this 'new' Dobsonian thing which made telescopes so much cheaper and I was that the scope was only 800 or so for an 8".

Ah several things in relation to viewing and technique:

1) The traditional 'wave of darkening', I believe allows for greater detail to be seen later in the observing season. Around the time of Opposition on 27th August, I really couldn't see that much at all, but I learned to observe better, and I think that 'wave of darkening' helped considerably. The Martian features simply became more noticeable as the disk started to recede.

2) I have a special technique where if I 'think' I've seen something, I mark it in. If it shows up in other diagrams, I put it on the big map. If not, that feature is discarded.

3) Over time as I learned the features of the disk better, I learned what was there and what was just imagination. The mind learns what is expected, and it's a lot easier for it to 'see' with more practice, just like it's easier to read the alphabet faster when you know the letters better I guess.

My overall map of Mars, of which I am very proud. The 'canal' shading is exaggerated. It was a considerably fainter than that, and not visible at all for most of the time when Mars was larger. It is so mysterious! I only saw them when Mars was going away and getting small. Ah well. Eventually it got so small I gave up. I checked a month later and I was shocked at how small the disk had become and how small those features had become as well!

Also I made a blog about this project I did. I hope this link is ok, and it's got a crosslink back to this forum, hehehe

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